Frequently Asked Questions

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) uses Internet technology to send television broadcasts to your television. IPTV uses a broadband internet connection for cutting-edge international programming direct to your home without a satellite dish. You just need to connect your receiver to your Internet IPTV from home and on your TV, then sit back and enjoy.

Once the payment is verified, you will receive an email with the code and installation instructions within hours. The average time to process an order is about 4 hours, so please do not send a message to the site before this time.

Absolutely, your code is registered on our databases and linked to your account, we strongly recommend that you do not communicate it to anyone.

Yes, but only Servers that have an M3U list or Xtream API codes are compatible with any Android Phone, Tablet or TV device via our Android apps. Moreover, you just have to install it and enter your activation code which will be sent to you when you order by email. Check the compatibility of the code before ordering it because the site does not reimburse the codes generated.

The following subscriptions can be used on multiple devices but you can only watch on one device at a time: Volka Pro, Atlas Pro, Crystal OTT and Silver OTT. The rest of the servers will automatically block if used on a device other than the one used to activate it and the code will be unrecoverable. The customer must order a new one at his own expense (70% of the initial price of the subscription for ordering a new code).

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